Fence Panels vs. Traditional Fencing | How To Choose Your Fence

Timber Fence Panels With Trellice

There’s lots of options to choose from for your new garden fence. Fence panels are straightforward and cheap to install, but can lack the aesthetic appeal of traditional fencing. We’ve put together a short guide to both options, so you can make the most informed decision.

Fence Panels

The great thing about panels is that they come complete and ready to install. The panels simply need to slot into concrete fence posts. Because installation is so simple, labour costs will be kept to a minimum and it shouldn’t take long to get your new fence up. Although panels are easy to install, they are rather heavy, so it’s recommended that you employ an expert fencing contractor like LCE Resin Specialists to put them up. If your garden has uneven terrain and requires the fence to slope, fence panels probably won’t offer enough flexibility. You may need to opt for a traditional fence.

Fence Panels Customisation Options

The main drawback of panels is that you can’t really change or customise the design. You do have the option to add trellis and fence toppers. This allows you to add some height to your fence and adjust the design to your taste.

Timber Fence Panels On Uneven Ground

Traditional Fencing

For a tailored fit, traditional fencing is the way to go. These are built from scratch, so they can fit most terrains regardless of any sloping. You can even have a curved perimeter, so you’re not limited to only 90-degree corners. This type of fence takes much longer to install, because each piece of wood is applied separately. There’s lots of options to customise the look and function of your fence. You can specify how much privacy you want and replace any damaged pieces where necessary, rather than replacing entire fence panels.

For Fence Panels and Traditional Fencing in Ammanford, Call LCE Resin Specialists

Our Ammanford team specialise in providing fences at competitive prices. We can install both fence panels and traditional fencing for domestic and commercial customers. Whichever style of fence you choose, you can be reassured that our team will make your property look it’s best. We use durable materials to ensure that all of our fences are built to last. Call us today to discuss your options and book your fencing installation with us.

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